Nonsensical Scents

I wake up to the smell of potatoes. I breathe deeply, wondering if the scent is wafting in from a neighboring house. But my window is shut and sealed; it must be breakfast waiting for me out in the vast, bright area that exists beyond my closed door. I journey across dark mountains of miscellaneous shrouding the floor, and enter the brightness, the promise of potatoes pressing me forward.

I am met with disappointment. Not only are there no potatoes, no food of any sort, but there is also no hint of any smell. Perplexed, I walk back into my room, only to find that the heavenly scent is gone from there as well. So I’m tired, so it’s early, so there are no potatoes. No big deal.

A package has arrived, and is sitting on the dining room table. I open it to find a phone case I’d ordered on Amazon weeks ago and purposely forgotten about (so as to heighten the surprise upon arrival). I painstakingly pull off my current case, which is clearly none too happy about being replaced, and snap the new one on.

I walk into the downstairs bathroom some time later, my phone in its new snazzy case in hand, and notice an odd smell, something sharp and green, almost like the inside of a broken plant limb. There are no plants in the downstairs bathroom. I sniff around, investigating, but I can’t pinpoint the source. I give up and go upstairs, plopping down on the couch. I scratch my nose with my fingertips and there’s the smell again. I bring my phone up to my face and sniff and sure enough, it’s the case. But the smell isn’t plastic and it isn’t ink, and it makes no sense for plastic or ink or any other material used in the manufacturing of a phone case to smell like the inside of a plant. I press my nose to the back of my phone and inhale deeply, but I can’t place the scent and the huffing soon makes me dizzy.

I walk into the kitchen for a snack, noting that it smells strangely like ground beef when it simmers on the stove. But there is no ground beef and there is nothing on the stove. I briefly wonder what is wrong with my nose as I open the fridge and take out a Mediterranean potato salad (potato wedges soaked in garlic and lemon), and heat it in the microwave. The ground beef smell is now gone, overpowered by the potato salad which, ironically, smells nothing like potato.

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