The True Light

There is a darkness in which everything you look at is visible. You see the houses lining the streets you drive on the way to work, the people crossing the streets with their dogs tugging on leashes and their children sleeping in strollers and their sun hats flopping around their heads as they peak out from beneath the brims. You see the line ahead of you at the post office, see the package tucked under your right arm, see your own foot tapping out an impatient rhythm on the speckled floor. You see the food you put in your cart, frozen and fresh and shining in the fluorescent lights of the grocery store. You see only what you need to see and no more. This is the darkness that masquerades as light.

But there is a type of light that isn’t lit by sun or light bulbs or LED screens. The true light, that is born in your blood and shines through your veins and penetrates the darkness of the mind that only sees with its eyes. It’s curiosity and wonder and endless imagination and it radiates out from you in every direction, piercing the things around you and lighting it all up with a glow that no one else can see. This light is characterized by a talent for observation, a penchant for feeling, and a thirst for creating. It lights up the darkness that everyone thinks is already light and shows you things you can’t see with your eyes. This is the light that I see by, and these are the things that I share.



The comprehensive story of how and why my blog began can be found here:

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