They weave their silk through skin and bone
Hushed, aching murmurs in the night dancing
Throughout my body, warm and tight
They wrap me up.

Up, they lay around me loosely
Sunlight having stripped away
They shimmer where they’ve fallen
But no longer do they flame.

I hear their dying voices as they fade into your pillowcase
I wish I wanted them enough to draw them back
To make them stay.

But they’ve seeped out from beneath our skin
Hovering in the fading warmth
Only an echo of an ache,
I can barely make them out
And I know you’re not listening.

I tuck myself against you still
The threads undone, they leave me bare
These secrets
I can feel their pulse
Hear their echo in my bones
And in the silky silence
I will keep them.

7 thoughts on “Bare

  1. Absolutely beautiful, though you don’t need an upper-case letter at the start of every line and instead of a comma after hushed, I think a line break would give the wording more power and clarity. It is definitely a great piece of writing though.

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