10 10

         Today is a slow and beautiful day.
         I will take my time, because it is mine, and I will stretch every second to fit the size of each moment.
         I will do everything at my own pace, because I can, because that’s what I enjoy doing.
         Not driving slow, because I never drive slow, but sitting in my parked car outside my house, waiting for the song to finish. Letting another one play. Opening the car door and letting the sun stream in.
         Walking slowly across the empty street. Stopping to smell the red rose blooming outside my front door.
         Going inside and stripping off my work clothes and sitting naked at my kitchen table under a towering double bouquet of red and pink roses. Sipping my hot tea and smiling at the fact that I am home alone and it’s quiet and lovely.
         I don’t even care that my throat is sore and my nose is sniffly and my head is foggy. My heart is clear and happy and wrapping itself up, tight and safe, in the time as I stretch it out before me.
         There’s nothing that requires my immediate attention, no one I’m obligated to speak to, no place that’s calling my name. I can sit here, naked at my table, for however long I want, simply because I want to. Or I could lounge on my couch or climb into bed or roll around on the floor and laugh like a maniac in my hoarse voice.
         I could eat potato chips for breakfast (I think I will) and I can eat breakfast at noon because there’s no reason not to.
         I will do whatever I feel like doing, slowly or quickly or infinitely, because it’s my birthday and this is what makes me happy.

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