Now You Know


            You felt it on the way there; the pull, the draw. The almost, the nearly, the soon. But now you’re there, and now you’re sure.
            The trees know your name. The leaves and the flower petals fall at your feet, welcoming you with pinks and yellows and browns. The rain, as it shimmers down, whispers to you in the language of the sky from where it came, a language you didn’t know until you heard it. The sky and the rain and the trees and the flowers and the air and the dirt beneath your feet; they all speak it, and they speak it to you.
            And now you’ve heard it.
            Now you know.

9 thoughts on “Now You Know

  1. I don’t know if I have asked you this before, are you on the North Coast of California? Humbolt County perhaps? These words, ring so true for me. They are lovely and so is your shinny forest. Thank you for sharing.

        • Thank you so much! I’m unfortunately just visiting (I’m from the South Bay about 700 miles down) but I’m planning to move up sometime soon. I’m in love with it! Everything is so magical, I can’t get enough either.

          • We just moved up 650 miles (Pasadena area) this summer. If you do move up, let me know, I would enjoy wandering this area with a fellow photographer who loves the places I do. Enjoy your visit, I just wandered to Trinidad and Clam beach as the sun was setting this evening…incredible, don’t have words to describe it. I feel so incredibly fortunate to have so much wonder at my finger tips!!

          • One of my good friends is from Pasadena! I will definitely let you know. I have family up here so I will most likely visit a few more times before making the move. Trinidad was amazing in the fog and rain, have you seen my Camel Rock picture? You’re making me very excited to post more, I’ve been stuck in a lull. Oh and make sure you try the clam chowder at the restaurant across from the art gallery in Trinidad if you haven’t already. It’s to die for!

          • I LOVE clam chowder. Will have to try that, on a blustery day soon. Yes, post more! I love your posts 🙂 I’ll check out your Camel Rock photo too…thanks for the recommendation and hope to connect at some point, enjoy the rest of your stay and safe travels! Happy New Year too.

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