no fun

out of the under and into the rain
no fun out here, breathing air, making sounds
spoken words, stolen breaths
save them
save me
save the toilet paper
or at least the pasta sauce
what am I to put on all these sunshine noodles?

I want to dig, to burrow, to bury
into the dark to find the quiet
I know it’s here someplace
I left it right there

or maybe it is there
it’s me who isn’t
I’m out in the open, wandering aisles
lost in the light and the air
I wasn’t meant to see, I say
the spoken sound, the breath, too much
I shut my eyes and turn away
maybe I should learn to shut my mouth.

2 thoughts on “no fun

  1. Wonderful poem, Sage. How did you get into my head and heart? May I pass it on the my writing group? Or better yet, come read it to us. I wasn’t able to follow the link below because I having computer tech problems. Mo


    • Feel free to read it to anyone you’d like. I’ll email you a screenshot so you don’t miss out 😉 As for going anywhere, that is something I won’t be doing anytime soon. Social distancing and all 🤷🏼‍♀️

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